In this engaging interview, we meet Jordi, a dynamic professional with a rich background in operations and new VP of Operations at Transferz. At 37 years old Jordi introduces himself as a devoted family man, married with two energetic children. His career journey has been marked by a deep-seated commitment to operational excellence and a keen interest in scaling up companies.  

Now, as a new addition to the Transferz team, Jordi shares insights into his motivations for joining the company, highlighting his excitement for optimizing opportunities and maximizing growth. Drawing from his experience at Just Eat, he sheds light on achievements aligning with Transferz’s goals and values.  

Throughout the interview, Jordi articulates his short-term and long-term aspirations within the company, emphasizing a commitment to providing guidance, structure, and effective tools for success. His perspective on addressing challenges in the transfer industry, coupled with personal insights on work-life balance and unwinding rituals, adds depth to this exploration of the VP of Operations’ vision for Transferz. 

Transferz is thrilled to welcome Jordi on board, anticipating the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. 

  1. Tell us a little about yourself 😊  

Hi there, I am Jordi, 37 years old, Married, and proud dad of two little rascals, and together we are living life to the fullest at the “sun-kissed” shores of Zandvoort here in the Netherlands. 
In my journey through a career focused on operations, I have discovered that I am truly an operator at heart. But that is not all—I am fueled by a passion for building businesses. Transforming possibilities into realities is where I thrive, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds! 

  1. What motivated you to join Transferz, and how do you see your role contributing to our company’s success?  

Choosing to join Transferz was a thrilling move for me, given where Transferz is today and my background in scaling up companies. I am excited to pinpoint and put into action opportunities for optimization at Transferz. With my expertise, my goal is to maximize the company’s potential for both growth and success. Let’s go!! 

  1. Can you share a specific project or accomplishment from your previous experience that you believe aligns with our company’s goals and values?  

I take pride in my role at Just Eat, where my former teams and I significantly expanded our footprint over the years. Our dedication to exploring new growth opportunities, alongside optimizing work processes, underscores our continuous commitment to delivering value for consumers and partners— a commitment I bring with me to Transferz 

  1. In the spirit of continuous improvement, if you could magically enhance one aspect of our transfer operations overnight, what would it be, and why? 

I would love to improve the tools utilized by our consumer facing parties (internally and externally), recognizing the pivotal role they play in our value chain. By optimizing the tools at their disposal, we empower them to contribute more effectively, thereby elevating the overall quality of our value chain. 

  1. What are your short-term and long-term goals within the company, and how do you see yourself contributing to Transferz’s continued success and growth?  

In the short term and long term, my goal is consistent: to provide our teams and partners with the necessary guidance, structure, and tools they require for success. I envision myself contributing to Transferz’s continued success and growth by not only establishing effective frameworks but also continuously refining and improving them along the way together with the teams and our partners. 

  1. We believe in work-life balance. How do you personally unwind after a particularly demanding day in the world of transfers? Any hobbies or rituals you’d like to share? 

 After a day’s work, one of the first things I do to unwind is play with the kids and hear about their day. Additionally, reading, and good CrossFit workouts are crucial elements in maintaining both my physical and mental well-being. 

  1. In your opinion, what are the most significant challenges currently facing the transfer industry, and how would you approach addressing these challenges in your role as VP of Operations? 

In my opinion, one of the most significant challenges facing the transfer industry is the need for seamless integration of technology and operational processes to enhance efficiency and customer experience. As VP of Operations, my approach would involve implementing innovative technologies to streamline workflows, improve communication, and optimize resource allocation. Additionally, fostering strong partnerships with key stakeholders, staying on top of industry trends, and proactively adapting our operational strategies will be crucial to overcoming these challenges and positioning Transferz as a leader in the evolving transfer industry. 

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