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Ready to go the extra mile with us? 

Gain more business via our global network of partnerships with travel brands. Together we can offer the traveller a true door-to-door experience with the peace of mind that their journey will be safe and smooth. If you are ready to go the extra mile, please get in touch to discover how to become a transfer partner and grow your business.

Giving your customers peace of mind

throughout their journey

Travelling starts at the front door, not at the departure gate and we are here to help you cover your customers’ entire journey. By partnering with transferz, you can rely on safe and smooth first and last miles for your travellers, so you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as revenue. 

Whether you are an online travel agency, hotel, airline, airport, railway or cruise company, we are here to help complete your customers’ journeys with a true door-to-door experience. Want to know more about the integration options and benefits for your operation? Get in touch with our partnership team. 

Why work with us?


  • Transferz tooling is easy and intuitive to use. 
  • Bookings can be accepted manually or automatically by dispatch system integration 
  • Customers and drivers can rely on our 24/7 multilingual customer support 

Transparent payments

  • Transferz deals with the different currencies and transfer fees on the demand side  
  • You get paid the agreed amount in your local currency
  • Payments are on a weekly basis after every successful transfer  


  • FARE=FAIR position in the value chain
  • Supporting Electric Vehicle usage
  • Creating the largest Female Driver network globally

Grow your business

  • Benefit from incremental international bookings from A-brand Travel companies 
  • Optimize your fleet capacity by lowering idle time 









Solutions for transfer companies

How does it work?


Sign Up

Simply register online for free, there are no hidden registration or monthly fees.

Set up your fleet & offering

List your vehicle types, service options, licenses, chauffeurs, and prices

Receive bookings

Once listed, start receiving scheduled transfer requests for your selected airports or destinations

Accept bookings

Accept transfers that suit your schedule and receive detailed information about the ride

Transfer your customer

Pick up your customer and deliver a great customer experience

Get paid

Every successful transfer is paid automatically on a weekly basis

What we require from a transfer company 

Transferz is committed to deliver the best customer experience for all passengers. Our partners in the travel industry trust us with their customers, so we are always looking into how we can improve our service.


You need to be a registered entity with a valid people transportation permit, and you must be covered by a liability insurance. We expect a contact person to evaluate and improve your company’s operational performance.


Your vehicles must comply with local regulations, have a valid permit, and be sufficiently insured. Obviously, we expect vehicles to be clean, inside and outside, undamaged, not older than 5 years, and smoke-free.


Your drivers need to have valid driver’s license to transport passengers, appropriate to the vehicle type they drive. We expect them to be service minded according to our service guidelines, have a professional appearance and that they are dependable.

Interested in joining our ride?