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Another great update from our business development team!

Desty, the fast-growing technology provider that operates an all-in-one platform for online travel agencies which includes suppliers, packaging tools, a virtual tour operator and website design tools has signed an exclusive deal with Transferz.

The partnership allows Desty to offer travel agencies the option to sell pre-booked airport transfers via Transferz’ global network of transfer companies. Whether these transfers are sold separately or as part of a packaged product doesn’t matter, the API integration offers Desty and its customers a flexible range of commercial options.

“We are very happy to work with Transferz because they provide us an one-stop-shop solution. A state of the art tech solution combined with a global fleet network, including all type of vehicles and professional chauffeurs. Travel agencies will love the additional revenue opportunities, but even more important we believe that smooth transfers, based on the traveller’s needs, will improve the overall customer experience when travelling and therefore customer loyalty and retention”.

Dennis Klompalberts, CEO Desty

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