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Transferz’s New Office – A Fresh Start in Amsterdam!

Last month, we moved to a bigger, cooler office located inside the G-Star building. After an impressive year and major growth, with employees, Partners, and Transco’s, we wanted the new office to reflect all the great milestones we achieved. 

It is a representation of what we live and breathe, and that is ground transportation. This is why now we have a direct overview of the A10- main motorway that flows into our beautiful city of Amsterdam. A10 is the lifeline of the city and is a constant reminder of ground transportation and the limitless possibilities that mobility brings. 

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but the team is already feeling at home! Our new workspace was laid out to encourage collaboration across all departments, and we are feeling it already! 

If you thought “Oh wow, I want to be a part of this view”, then you really need to check out our view while the sun is setting, or better yet- in the evening. When the skyline lights up and the cars are flowing through A10, heading into their next destination.

And what is your next destination? 

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