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Last week we celebrated our 2nd anniversary with many insightful workshops and activities with the whole team! Yes, even part of our Argentinian team flew into our HQ in Amsterdam.  

It was a warm October day and the team was ready from the early morning. We started the day with an insight personality workshop, gathered into teams, and learned about each other. For any company, especially one with distributed teams around the world, it is very important to know how to communicate with team members, what motivates them, and what gives them the drive.  

After the workshops, some breakfast, and quarterly presentations our next destination was Pampus, an artificial island, and late 19th-century sea fort. Our treasure hunt has begun, and we’ll probably do it again! I guess some of us can now say they ate a bug, negotiated with the prison guard, and rode in a “hot air balloon” above Amsterdam.  

We finished the day with a delicious dinner and, traditionally, speeches from the new team members. In one year transferz grew from 15 to 45, so you can imagine how busy the floor was.  

It was amazing to see our colleagues from other offices, hang out with them and discuss interesting projects to collaborate on.  

Cheers to the 2nd anniversay of transferz with many more decades to come! 

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