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Bringing ‘peace of mind’ to our highly valued partners and their customers, that’s what Transferz stands for. This time recognized by FlyDubai, the second largest airline in Dubai, owned by the government of Dubai.FlyDubai operates 95 destinations, serving the Middle-East, Asia, Europe and Africa from Dubai. On all these destinations Transferz will offer airport transfer services for ‘Holidays by FlyDubai’ customers, with the focus on the first and last leg, offering travelers a smooth transfer to and from Dubai International Airport.

“Both companies share the obsession to deliver the best customer experience,
and with our airport transfers we want to contribute to that goal by giving the
traveler peace of mind from the start to the final part of their journey, because
as we all know, travelling does not start, nor end at the airport”.

Zoha Sohail, Director of Business Development

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