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What if we told you that you can now choose to reduce your CO2 footprint while sitting on the backseat of a car?

Transferz is starting 2022’s engine fully recharged: We are beyond excited to announce that we started offering full electric car options in a total of 60 Airports around the world (and every week we keep on adding more!).

Bringing travelers peace of mind is not only about providing smooth rides from door-to-door but is also about standing out for our fellow travelers’ concerns.

It was plain to see that ground transportation carbon emissions were a key issue to address by the end of 2021. Hence, we decided to act responsibly by providing a greener option in as many destinations as possible, where local EV transfer suppliers align with our mission, vision and values.

Whilst this is a huge milestone for us, this project will not cease. Committed towards a more sustainable travelling future, Transferz will ensure to provide a wider full electric vehicles coverage throughout 2022 around the globe. Therefore, keep an eye out on our news page since a big announcement might just be around the corner. Until then, let the greener ride era begin!

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