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We all know how planning a trip has become quite challenging in recent times. Therefore, as Saint Valentine’s Day approaches, we would like to give you some tips on how to spend the day with your loved ones! Here is our own selection of the top European destinations for this special day: 



A classic, but never disappoints, the so-called city of love!
Paris has endless original options to offer; from having an intimate dinner at the Eiffel Tower to waking up the inner child in you at Disneyland Paris. But there is more: It is also known as one of the most versatile cities in Europe, for those who are looking for a more artistic escape, perhaps Louvre rings a bell?


Either you have a stroll over Charles Bridge, get lost in Prague’s fairy tale cobblestone streets, or take the funicular to watch the sunset on the upper city, this beautiful city will leave you and your other half speechless! Plus, if you are lucky enough, you might even get some snowy landscapes (for February is one of the snowiest months there).


How about hopping on a Gondola while watching the sunset? Or holding hands at St. Mark’s square? Legend has it; if you kiss under the Bridge of Sighs your love will become eternal. Also, forget about the hassle of taking a ferry after landing at the airport. If your hotel is inside Venice, we will be providing a water taxi, so you get to your destination at ease.


Oh, Roma… Already has the word Amor in it!
When it comes to romance, Italy is a must, that is a fact.
And not to mention delicious Italian food… But how about its historical buildings?
Whatever romantic getaway you are looking for, Rome will be a great fit for sure!


If you are looking for a destination with sunshine and delicious food, then Madrid is a no-brainer. Nevertheless, Madrid is much more than that! The vivid city of Madrid is full of live music, food markets, charming city parks, artistic neighborhoods…
An amazing city to explore with your beloved one.

It is beyond doubt that all these European cities have their romantic touch. Unable to pick one? Well, there is a whole promising year ahead of us and no matter how you get there, either by train, ship, or airplane, Transferz got you covered!

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