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As dynamic as the tourism industry happens to be, at Transferz there is always evolution and innovation! 

With a promising high season around the corner, we are always pro-actively catering to the needs of our travellers and partners.

If our offer is wide enough to go from holidays in the sun to a busy business trip, so should our hubs. Yes, you have heard it right! Now Transferz is not only available for airport pickups around the globe but for cruise ports and stations as well.  

What does this mean to our fellow travellers?  

No matter how you are traveling to your destination, either sailing, flying or by train, we will have a local provider available for you.  

With over +1000 active hubs around the world and thanks to our newly developed technologies, Transferz is ready to bring peace of mind to all these clients who decide to experience a high-quality and stustainable ground transportation service upon their arrival. On top of this, we have managed to massively reduce our cut-off times on a wide majority of our active hubs, therefore if you are a last-minute planner, we still got you covered! 

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