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Last month Transferz opened up it’s new office, and what better location than the most visited city in South America- Argentina! 

We wanted to create a space that reflects the vision of our brand and inspires innovation, and creativity, and most importantly, further consolidates our love for travel, new destinations, exploration, and ground transportation. 

As we grow, we know it’s key to maintain close contact between our two offices and ensure our strong culture stays alive and well in both our homes. 

The new office, situated in Figueroa Alcorta 185, 5000 Córdoba is a new home for our Supply and Customer Service, Commercial agents, and destination managers for LATAM and US, who are taking care that all journeys flow seamlessly, and are reachable in any moment, to bring our travellers, drivers, and partners peace of mind

This addition firmly represents our goal to evolve and develop as a company and is a great step forward in the after-covid era, to finally be together in the office, collaborate and celebrate the culture that Transferz is nurturing. 

About Transferz ( 

Transferz is an Amsterdam-based B2B technology company that operates a global marketplace for ground transportation. The company offers easy-to-integrate APIs to enrich the product suite of travel brands with an end-to-end solution for ground transportation. Travel firms such as and Expedia already work with Transferz as the system allows them to add measurable value (such as customer satisfaction and higher ancillary sales) to their client relationships by offering a reliable taxi service for a fair price. Transferz’s curated supply network consists of over 2,000 transfer companies covering all major travel destinations in the world. 

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